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1667 - Minister Owen Beaumont did something unthinkable on Halloween and he's been in purgatory ever since. Literally. The problem is, he can't remember what he did. Suddenly, he's thrown back to the house he built, three hundred fifty years into the future. Battling a new century and grieving a life he will never have, he must figure out what happened to him all those years ago or be trapped in his own personal hell forever.

2017 - Still reeling from her divorce and her ex-husband's affair, successful house-flipper Theodora 'Theo' Barebone goes to Scotland. She's drawn to the Isle of Islay, and the village of Port Ellen in particular. When she gets there, she finds she must have historic Wayfarer's Cottage, knowing the centuries-old mystery that comes with it will help her sell it for a tidy profit. But from the moment she starts the renovations on the home, she finds she's not alone in its walls.

​Owen and Theo are thrown together to end whatever is yanking him back and forth from his private purgatory to her world, but to find the answers they must first unlock his memory. They must learn to trust each other, or Owen may be doomed. As new feelings begin to emerge between them, they both will be tested by forces beyond anything either of them can comprehend.

TW: adultery, infertility, suicide

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