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This is the portion of the Sarah Winter Experience™ where I cover my ass. It's a necessary evil. The policies within this page were last updated 1.10.2023, and will be updated from time to time without notice.

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Terms and Conditions of Use And Common Practices

This website, The Official Website for Wyoming Author Sarah Winter, (URL https://www.sarahjwinter.net) is a personal and professional website pertaining to author Sarah Winter and her work. It is owned and operated solely by Ms. Winter (hereinafter referred to by name, or as a collective, i.e. "we," "our," and "us"). All photographs and information, unless otherwise noted, are property of Ms. Winter and regardless of author are subject to copyright.

Use of this website is and will remain free of charge.

Contact with us may be achieved through links on the Contact page. Comments are open pending approval by Ms. Winter. All comments/messages, once we receive them, will become our property and subject to use at our discretion. In other words, if you're nice we might share your kind words. If you're an asshole, we also might mock, ridicule, and embarrass you in every legal way we can. Choose wisely.

Initiating contact does not guarantee a reply directly from Sarah Winter or any other contributor to this website/blog, and they are not beholden to you to respond. All messages will be read and considered, but we reserve the right to decide whether or not to respond. 


All images were made by Sarah Winter from images that are either in the public domain or use a Creative Commons Zero License. The images can be found at Pexels.com. They were edited with Ribbet with various filters and overlays. Any and all fonts used are either freely available for commercial use or were purchased by Ms. Winter and are licensed for use on this website.

Privacy Policy

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​Thank you for reading through all of this. If you have any questions, please drop me a line through any of the links on the Contact page.

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