Change Is A-Comin’!

I have made the decision to take down this website. When it comes right down to it, it wasn't even that tough a decision. This site doesn't get a ton of traffic and doesn't help drive book sales, so I feel it's time to let it go. The domain is set to expire late next year and I’m going to let it.

Despite all this, though, I am going to be editing, updating, and re-publishing all my Into the Unknown posts on their very own website starting late fall / early winter 2024.

My books will remain available, and links will still be up on the new website. I am simply shifting my focus at this stage in my writing career. I find immense joy in researching and writing about the things that interest me, like true crime and unsolved mysteries, as well as historical events that have impacted our world.

Thank you for your time and attention through these years, it’s been a hell of a good ride. I hope you follow me into this new chapter! See you there next year! Link to come!


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