DIY Natural Lip Balm

I have a problem.  I've had it for years, and am one of those people who has to have the focus of the problem on me at all times.

My name is Sarah and I have a lip balm problem. 

It's such a well-known thing that my sister even gave me an enormous stick of lip balm as a gag last year for Christmas. Joke's on her, I used it all the way to the bottom.

I've tried to stop, but my lips dry out so badly they crack and peel and it hurts to talk and smile. Ya girl's a talker, and I love to laugh, so that won't fly.
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I've tried dozens of different lip balms. Some are too stiff, some too oily, some taste bad, some just plain don't work, and some gave me a god-awful rash of tiny bumps on my lips. I can't believe I'm going to admit to this but I compiled a list of ones I've tried. It's become not just a list, but a chart as I jotted down my thoughts on each one. My shame chart.

But the shame chart helped me figure out why I was getting the horrible little bumps. Every lip balm I got them from had only one ingredient in common: coconut oil. These days, coconut oil is in everything in the free world. So, I got fed up and decided to make my own lip balm.

This lip balm is just 4 ingredients, gluten free, has no coconut oil, no petrolatum, no mineral oil, no alcohols, no parabens, no phthalates, and no silicones. In other words, none of the nasty stuff. 

DIY Natural Lip Balm

Add tap water to bottom of double boiler. Add enough it won't boil dry, but not so much the top will sit in it. Heat over medium heat until it starts to simmer. Once it's simmering away, we can get started. 

(I prefer to weigh ingredients rather than go by volume, but you can convert the measurements online)

4.5 oz shea butter
1 oz raw honey

1/2 stick of lipstick (if desired for color)
12-18 drops essential oils (I've compiled a list of good ones below)

Add the beeswax, shea, and hemp oil to the top of the double boiler. Be patient, it takes a while to melt completely.

Once it's completely melted, you can test the texture by dripping a drop or two onto a plate and allowing it to cool completely. Apply it to lips and see how it feels. Too stiff? Add more shea or hemp. Too oily? Add more beeswax. Lather, rinse, repeat until you like how it feels. MEASURE EACH ADDITION AND JOT DOWN YOUR ADJUSTMENTS so you have them for future batches. This recipe comes out pretty stiff, but once applied becomes a delicious, creamy consistency that I love.

Once you've got the texture just how you like it, add honey and lipstick. Then, add essential oils if you want. Stir briefly to combine, then immediately transfer to containers. I put the 1 oz. tins I use in a muffin tin before I start, then transfer the whole thing to the freezer as soon as I've filled them. This will make your lip balm smooth like buttah. Shea butter tends to set up grainy if it's not cooled very quickly, so I like this freezer method. The muffin tin makes them easier to transfer and keeps them from slipping through the freezer racks.

Cool completely, then enjoy! This recipe will make roughly 9 oz of lip balm. It is best used in six months if kept at room temperature, and you can keep them in the freezer or fridge to prolong their shelf life.


Wanna make it vegan? Skip the honey and use candelilla or carnauba wax instead of beeswax.

Want to make something really special? Melt 9 oz of shea butter in your double boiler and drop in 6-9 bags of your favorite tea (green teas are perfect for skincare uses), or a handful of skin-loving herbs like calendula, comfrey, or lavender. Keep over low heat for up to two hours to infuse, then strain and store in an airtight container for up to a year. Use the infused shea in this recipe to make a super-special balm. This infusion method makes enough oil to use in almost two full recipes, as you'll lose a little oil in the infusion process.

Want SPF? Add a few drops of carrot seed oil. It's moisturizing and helps protect from the sun with an SPF of 38-40. Red raspberry seed oil has SPF 28-50, and it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, so it's another great option.

Don't have a double boiler? Pick up this universal insert and off you go, or use a tempered glass bowl over the water. Or skip the double boiler altogether and microwave it instead. Go in five-minute intervals until the softer oils get hot, then 30 seconds at a time.

What essential oils should you use? The list is enormous, really, but I love rose, lemon, orange, vanilla, and lemongrass. Flavor oils are also perfect, and you can get all kinds of fun flavors. You can find flavor oils on Etsy, as well as Amazon. LorAnn makes very affordable ones you might be able to find at Walmart in the crafts department, or even your local grocery store.

DIY Lip Balm will last at least six months. The time it will last depends entirely on the ingredients you use and whether any water got in.

Go forth and create!

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