Dirty: Writing Sex Scenes Part Four

Happy New Year, everyone!

We've talked about making sure a sex scene is necessary. We've discussed heat levels. Now that we know what we want, let's get down to business.

But sometimes, it's hard to get in the mood for doing this kind of dirty work, you know what I mean?
Well, that's where I come in. Jesus, I just realized that how many innuendos I'm going to have to avoid giggling about while doing these posts. I'm one of those people that can make anything dirty, but I shall persevere.

When I'm getting ready to write a sex scene, I can't do it with other people around. I have to wait until my family has all gone to bed (daytime is a no-go for me, I've tried). I wait until I'm sure no one's going to wander into the office or living room for a glass of water, need to pee, bleeding from an orifice, etc. Any interruption, and I have to start the preparation process all over again, and might lose the mood altogether. I usually hit a sweet spot at somewhere between midnight and 1 a.m., but you'll have to figure out where yours is.

I always listen to music when I work, and most of the time that involves headphones. I bought myself a good pair last year, and recommend doing so to any writer. I need something that cancels out some of the background noise, good headphones do the trick.

Once I have those ready, I turn on some mood music. For me, the piano is very sensual, and I don't like vocals when I'm writing romantic stuff, including sex scenes. Anything soft and slow, especially something that builds in tempo and volume as it plays, works beautifully. I basically have a metric shit-ton of soundtracks. I sit back, usually with my eyes closed, and let the music do its work for a few minutes, then get to work on my scene.

Sometimes, music and alone time aren't enough. You have to do whatever works for you. Watch an adult movie, read a sexy book, look up a Tumblr blog that reblogs sexy things (there are plenty), watch anime porn, whatever works for you. Being in the mood is important, how you get there isn't.

The key to this part is that if you write a scene that turns you on, your reader will likely be turned on by what you're writing. This is another of those things that are easier said than done, but it can be done, I promise.


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